This is N&B

Founder & CEO Daureen Papinchak

Nutrition & Beauty Global LLC is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in high-concept projects for health and beauty companies. We are leaders in new product innovation and work in partnership with clients to custom design, develop & manufacture lines from concept to consumer.

Combining cutting-edge science + innovative marketing for superior results

Our forte is blending insight and imagination with technical expertise to deliver superior results. We offer a full suite of end-to-end services including: new product launches, brand creation, business/market plan development, media planning and analysis, design, production and back end management.

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Formulation/ Development
  • Ingredient Sourcing/research
  • Product Naming
  • Package Design
  • Channel Strategy & Distribution
  • Turnkey Products
  • Creative services
  • Media planning and analysis
  • New customer acquisition
  • Improving loyalty and LTV
  • Qualified lead generation
  • New strategic ideas
  • Performance improvement

We can launch your product or new enterprise from scratch — or revitalize your existing fatigued products and marketing. Whether your focus is dietary supplements, skincare or cosmetics, N&B examines every facet of your business, and works with you to focus on the efforts and activities that offer the highest financial payoffs.

33 years combined product development, branding and direct response marketing success

Our business was founded in 2007 to help clients launch new health and beauty enterprises. Within a few years, N&B has established a success ratio for direct marketing programs that is unrivaled by other firms.

From start-ups to well-established brands, the companies that work with us all believe in one thing: the commercial value of great ideas.

Led by CEO and Chief Creative Officer Daureen Papinchak, her and her team conceptualize evocative and financially successful brands by combining science with design and storytelling.

Papinchak is known for her amazing track record of spotting emerging trends, ingredients and technologies. Constantly on the hunt for new and exciting inspirations – her and her team continuously study the marketplace, strategize consumer insights and research category trends.

At N&B, the goal is simple: To deliver an innovative and exciting brand experience that benefits the consumer and generates high financial returns for the client.

However, according to Papinchak, “The problem is there are lots of good quality products out there that are not that interesting. So we have a world of more products and less difference, where it’s becoming very difficult to stand out.”

Product & Marketing Innovation

N&B has been very successful at bringing disruption and innovation to categories that are stale or boring. We develop strategic product plans that focus on unique stories and improved efficacy to drive greater customer engagement.

Companies that like to work with us are companies that like to outperform their market. Whereas most direct response companies have a 14% success rate (1 out of 7) launching new products, we win about 85% of the time. It’s the results that our clients love–especially the consistency of results.

We mobilize all means of talent, intelligence and weaponry possible in order to achieve exceptional results. Because projects are run outside the bounds of an organization, we can execute fiercely — striking with great force and quickness. Our turnkey Maximum Results packages are structured to instantly and cost-effectively run the business or program for you, with almost no effort on your part. Our team does all the work, generating profits on 24/7 autopilot.


Mike Frautten, CFO, Great Falls Marketing “Every thing she touches turns to gold.”

Adam Moran, EVP, Macromark
“I have collaborated with Daureen on numerous client initiatives for over 6 years. Her passion is relentess and she is one of the few consultans that has a zero failure rate. She consistently produces breakthrough thinking and results through her inspired, careful and intelligent attention to detail. Daureen applies her fresh perspective and creative thinking to create advantage for every one of her clients. Like Steven Speilberg, she is the behind-the-scenes executive producer responsible for of some of today’s most successful and innovative ideas in health and beauty. Put Daureen in charge of a project and it’s sure to succeed.”

Ed Elliott
VP of Creative Development, Healthy Directions
“Daureen is one of the sharpest and most creative marketers I’ve ever worked with. And I’ve worked with many. Her strategic leadership and input enabled us to profitably mail millions more cash-offer acquisition pieces than we would have without her. She would be a valuable asset to anyone in need of a proven, results-driven direct response professional in any product category.”

Henry Albrecht
Senior Business/Brand Manager, Intuit
“Daureen helped re-kindle the emotional connection between our products and our customers. She’s grounded in classical DM testing methodologies, but her experiments with offers and daring creative were dynamic. The results were nothing short of excellent — the most successful new product launch in years, exceeding plan by over 200% in the direct channels, with response rates exceeding those of products that cost half as much. She was a joy to work with.”

Suzanne Eastman
“Daureen created compelling copy that produced response and orders at a great CPO. She’s a talented marketer and strategist who quickly understands the challange and knows how to execute by creating great copy and promotions. She’s an asset to any marketing team!” February 15, 2010

Kevin Ramon
“It was a joy working with Daureen when I was at Sylmark. She is not afraid to push the envelope to get results. And she sure did. Her web creative outperformed the control by a 5 to 1 margin. I was very impressed”

Alison Hancock
President, Alison Hancock Copy & Strategy
“In my 20 years in the DM business, I’ve rarely seen the kind of multi-dimensional talent that Daureen brings to the table. Her behind-the-scenes creative direction and strategic advice has been invaluable to me as a writer. She has truly innovative ideas, extreme marketplace knowledge, and that uncanny ability to develop cutting-edge products all at the same time – this is rare. It’s also why Daureen gives companies such a huge advantage in such a highly competitive field. I think of her like a secret weapon—everything does BETTER when Daureen is involved”

Jay Drezner
Chief Financial Officer, Naturade
“The ad you worked with us on (Vitali-T-Aid) has run all over the country now, in USA Today, Parade Magazine, USA Weekend, Popular Mechanics, VFW Magazine, the New York Times, the LA Times and many other regional newspapers and overall we have been very happy with the results of that campaign.”

Tom Callahan
President of NutriHealth

“Few creative people have ‘it’, that natural, innate sense of what speaks to a customer, what can make someone open up to see the possibility of a brigher future for themselves, and exactly how your product is the missing ingredient to make it happen. Daureen has it, but what impresses me most about her is she never lets her gift allow her to coast. She is always pushing harder, digging deeper, to discover the secrets to knowing both your product and your prospect better. Someone as talented as Daureen probably doesn’t have to work as hard. The fact that she can be counted on to outwork everyone else too makes me respect her that much more.”

David Yale
Creative & Marketing Director, David R. Yale, Direct Marketer LLC
“Daureen Papinchak gets the best possible work from freelancers because she gives clear, detailed direction and is firm but fair. She knows how to inspire creatives to push outside their comfort range, and is able to guide but still allow you to do your job. She knows her business thoroughly, and has unusually high standards.”