Our People

Daureen Papinchak, CEO

As the founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Daureen is the driving force in generating and commercializing distinctive multi-million dollar brands with exceptionally high ROIs for her clients.

Under her leadership, her projects have generated over $300 million in sales. Her extensive experience as a writer, creative director, product developer and business strategist combined with a fierce and daring imagination make her a rare and sought-after talent. Previously in management roles for Natural Alternatives, Intuit, and Healthy Directions, Daureen brings strong leadership skills, as well as a well-honed strategic sensibility, to her position.

Nutrition & Beauty Global has enjoyed remarkable success and growth over the past few years. Daureen’s unique consumer insights and ideas about how to develop, package, position and sell helps companies stay one step ahead of the game. Her signature can be found on many of today’s hot nutraceutical and beauty offerings.