We are known innovators

In response to today’s frighteningly high new product failure rate, Nutrition & Beauty Global’s CEO Daureen Papinchak created the SkyLab.

High concept products developed for clients in the SkyLab are high-emotion, high-buzz and typically produce larger financial payoffs.  The net impression of a High-Concept product is it’s new, it’s exciting, it’s remarkable, and flat out unbelievable.

For each SkyLab project, Daureen brings together a hand-picked team of designers, scientists, writers, media and manufacturing experts to research and develop evocative and financially successful products.

“We consider how a product looks, feels and will be responded to. Technical performance alone isn’t enough in today’s marketplace. If you want to be extraordinary, you need the theatre of a high-concept product.  It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s worth noticing and talking about.”

Not only do they fuel growth and profits through sales volume and new revenue streams, but less obviously, they serve as company “heroes” –energizing the brand and elevating its profile.

Recent commentary by author Al Ries expands on the effects, stressing the “halo” effect that can derive from hot new products.  These products are not only successful in themselves, but also help elevate a company’s overall business. One such example is Apple’s i-pod.

A SkyLab project often operates with a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy. Each member of the team is cautioned that design and production must be carried out in strict secrecy. No one is to discuss the project outside the organization, and each must sign an NDA.

Superiority and differentiation are the key drivers of new product success

Emotion-based product development

In today’s marketplace, it’s not about product performance or features – it’s about how the customer perceives your product.  At N&B, we bridge the gap between marketing and R&D by combining science with design and storytelling. Result? An innovative, highly styled product with an interesting marketing story and powerful proof elements.

Leading-edge companies like Apple already know well the power of high-emotion products. On average, companies that associate with emotion outperform low-emotion companies. In recent studies, high-emotion companies out-perform the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 by a very wide margin.

A high-concept product:

• Adds a new revenue stream
• Energizes your company profile and image
• Elevates your overall business by the Halo Effect
• Generates more sales and profit
• Broadens your reach

We create the magic to produce compelling and highly-differentiated products and platforms.

High-concept products are high-emotion and high-buzz; they are remarkable and exciting — transcending commodity and defying comparison

High-concept products drive exceptionally high financial returns