Utilizing an omega-3 baseline and combining it with both well-researched and novel ingredients, MaleMega creates a truly unique multitasker–providing a range of benefits from sexual and cognitive performance to boosting cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health…. in one easy step. It’s a hybrid approach that combines total body wellness with sexual function—creating a new and superior value proposition in an otherwise stale men’s category.

By delivering unique benefits (in addition to the main ones), the customer can realize both convenience and value. This multiple functionality is a key megatrend that has emerged in recent years and will feature strongly in 2014, further edging out multi-vitamins. The inclusion of high-DHA Calamarine® allows for the capitalization on the ever-growing Omega-3 market, which is estimated to reach $34.5 billion in sales by 2016. It’s a category that is bursting with life and unrivaled science and a broad range of health benefits will keep omega-3s at the top of the naturals chart.

Client: MaleMega
Industry: Skincare/Beauty
Category: Physical, Mental and Sexual Strength