Brain NRG

While cognition is one of the top health concerns of adult Americans, direct response marketers of memory products have not been very successful. Venom Marketing reverses this trend with its debut of fast-acting Brain NRG. By addressing both mental and physical energy, cognitive performance, and mood at the same time –Venom created a break-out new category that is more robust, exciting and emotionally-charged than traditional cognition offers. Brain NRG includes a clinically-researched ingredient that’s NASA-tested, and hailed as “more important to mankind than the discovery of anti-biotics” by Nobel prize winning scientist Sir John Eccles. Venom secured the endorsement by former NASA astronaut and Peak Performance expert Colonel Rick Searfoss, providing the client a most powerful proof element that cannot be copied.

Client: Carepoint Health Products
Industry: Nutraceuticals/Health
Category: Energizing Mind+ Mood